Lineage, Brookline

Lineage is a small intimate restaurant located in Brookline’s Coolidge Corner. Run by a couple named Jeremy and Lisa Sewall, this restaurant has a strong philosophy of using seasonal food and supporting local farms. When you walk inside, there is an inviting bar and you can see the open kitchen if you are sitting there. The space is warm and the waitstaff, friendly and attentive.

Half portion of seared Scituate scallop with farm grown corn and braised onions along with a half-dozen Island Creek Oysters to start.

If you come during the week between 5-7pm, you can score oysters for $1 a piece. It’s worth it. On to the scallop however. The scallop was perfectly seared and not overdone. I abhor when seafood is overcooked and this particular scallop was still tender. The onions and locally grown corn were sweet foils to the scallop’s briny buttery goodness. I’ll be sure to try the full portion on my next visit.

Prime Steak Burger with a brioche roll, Great Hill blue cheese, grilled onions and hand cut fries for $14

Some of the best burgers I’ve had in Boston come from some of the most unexpected places. On a whim, instead of just having my favorite main, the grilled salmon, I went for the burger because I saw someone else at the bar eating it. They had a look of pure contentment on their face and I thought, whatever he’s eating, I’ll take it. Thus, I ended up trying this umami high-quality beef burger. I bit into it and it literally gushed a little beef jus. The sweet onions played nicely against the salty blue cheese. The fries were also great. They were lightly salted, crisp on the exterior and deliciously soft on the interior. All in all, the burger is among one of the best I’ve tried in Boston.

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