Elephant Walk, Kenmore Square, Boston

Located in Kenmore Square on the way to Brookline, this quaint Cambodian-French fusion restaurant is a local Fenway area gem. This restaurant gets pretty busy during evening dining hours so please make sure to make a reservation. There are 3 Elephant Walk locations in total- Fenway, Cambridge and Waltham. Each has its own unique ambiance.

Khar Saiko Kroeung – Braised boneless short ribs, jasmine rice with scallion oil; garnished with fresh red radish, cucumber and scallion

Eating this dish somehow made me think of eating Vietnamese bun thit nuong. The combination of beef with jasmine rice and fresh vegetables always does that to me. The vegetables were fresh and the braised short rib was tender enough to eat with a spoon.

Steak Grillé Sauce Roquefort – Grilled flat iron steak with a creamy Roquefort sauce; crispy golden potatoes and a watercress salad with shallot and balsamic vinaigrette.

This is a classic steak dish with a typical French sauce. However, the sauce is done very well. It is light, creamy, buttery, salty and cheesy tasting while not over-powering the meatiness of the beef. The pan-fried potatoes are good for soaking up any remaining sauce.

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