Boston Bloggers and Sonsie, Back Bay, Boston

Sonsie is located on Newbury near Hynes Convention Center and Mass Ave. The restaurant is good for brunch and the open air doors enable some prime time people watching. We have also eaten several times in the main dining room and have had after work drinks in the wine room.

The upstairs bar is always quite busy and the ambiance in the evenings is nice from the low lighting. I noticed Sonsie has Vegetable spring rolls, dipping sauce, lettuce wrap, fresh mint for $10, which I will have to try next time. We typically make these ourselves (BMH’s recipe for Vietnamese Fresh Vegetarian Spring Rolls Gỏi Cuốn Chay), but would be curious to see the distinction between ours and Sonsie’s version.

Previously, I have tried the flash fried calamari, hot cherry peppers, lemon tartar sauce for $12.5 and the steamed mussels, white mirepoix, Chardonnay and  garlic toast $14. Both seafood appetizers were fresh and flavorful.

The Boston Bloggers event was located in my favorite area of Sonsie, the cavernous wine room. I have never seen the room in full capacity and the event was well attended by well-heeled bloggers.

I had a glass of effervescent Zonin prosecco for $9 to kick off the evening.

Sara, Boston Event Evangelist of Eventbrite was explaining Eventbrite’s service and its new app for iPhone and iPad to bloggers and offered swag. (I picked up a chapstick and notebook.) Personally, Eventbrite has been exceptionally helpful in organizing ticket based events and has an easy to use interface.

I sampled the white pizza with garlic confit, mozzarella, ricotta, feta cheese, spinach leaves ($13) and prosciutto pizza with mozzarella, ricotta, fresh tomato, basil ($14). I particularly enjoyed the white pizza because of the creaminess of the ricotta and flavor of the smooth garlic.

I loved chatting with other friendly bloggers in the food community Elina and Lindsey. Additionally, it was a pleasure to meet some new faces and chat about design, crafts, fashion and photography with Anne, CourtneyGiedreJennifer and Julie.

I ran into Emily of Harvard Common Press, representing her own blog So Anthro. I initially met Emily at a Boston Brunchers Harvard Common Press event. She actually told me about Boston Bloggers Co-Founder, Alison’s blog long distance loving.

For my post on Dairy-Free Almond-Orange Cake from Vegetarian Planet, I  received Harvard Common Press cookbooks. New reviews and recipes from The Bonne Femme CookbookGourmet Gifts, The Japanese KitchenPerfect Party Food and Ploughman’s Lunch and the Miser’s Feast are forthcoming.

Alison and Katy did a wonderful job hosting the social. Sonsie’s wine room was vibrant with chatter and I wish I had more time and the opportunity to meet more attendees. On my way out, Katy encouraged I sign up to win a chance to attend the Blog Better Boston Conference at the Google Cambridge Offices. I was selected as winner! Looking forward to future Boston Bloggers events and the Blog Better Boston Conference on March 24th.

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