Boston Common Coffee Company, Chinatown, Boston

After living in the North End for some time, the North End location of Boston Common Coffee was my cafe destination. Free wifi, great tea selection, skim lattes, breakfast sandwiches, quiches and of course the tortellini salad.

From time to time, I order The Parameter roast beef panini, which is pretty awesome. It has with fresh sliced tomatoes, baby spinach marinated in a balsamic vinaigrette and a spicy horseradish mayonnaise on a rosemary garlic bread for $6.95.

Each sandwich or quiche comes with a three bean salad or mixed greens, and for an additional amount one gets this amazing tortellini salad. I always get tortellini salad.

Boston Common Coffee serves fresh bagels, strata, chocolate chip cookies, health cookies, croissants and many other treats. I really love the fresh muffin tops (blueberry and cranberry nut) which are $1.85.

Loved the iced sugar cookies inspired by conversation hearts

My serendipitous encounter with their blood orange oreos was amazing. I initially got one for $1.25, which turned into three more. I asked the friendly counter staff if they were made in house, which they are and the blood orange filling is made with fresh blood oranges.

After some reading, browsing the web (from the free wi-fi) and a cup of Mighty Leaf green tea (one of my favorite brands my friend first introduced me to), I savored ever second of the deep chocolate cookies and lightly sweet citrus flavored filling. I knew I would be attempting these home to enjoy more.

Boston Common Coffee Company on Urbanspoon

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