Cocktails: Lolita Cucina and Tequila Bar, Back Bay, Boston

Lolita Cucina and Tequila Bar (formerly Paparazzi) is located Dartmouth between Boylston and Newbury. The line at Lolita can be quite daunting, but some lucky few will get in the line when it goes quickly. The coat check (by tip) is at the bottom of the entrance and the window front features a whimsical silver and red candelabra.

The red lit lighting and exposed brick is cool, but also reminds me of a Vampire den, whichever perspective you view the world. The wrought iron and chandeliers are haunting and romantic.

There were many post-college ladies scoping out the scene. The crowd was definitely mixed, however what we garnered some good information from this trip. There were a handful of doctors and medical students the evening we were there. Lolita seems like the doctor and health care industry bar.

Consistently, the introduction was “Hi, my name is…” and then they would plug that they were a doctor or a medical student. Ladies this seems to be the place if you want to meet American and European surgeons, as well as their respective wing men.

Most of the drinks are tequila based, however there are margaritas, a good selection of wines, sangrias, mojitos and some champagne drinks and beers. The bar was filled with lychee fruit, raspberries and various flavored salts and sugars for margarita rims.

The Ginger mojijto (L) for $13, with Myers Platinum rum, mint, ginger infused cane sugar and ginger ale was very tasty. We tried the Blanco sangria (R), white wine, lillet, vanilla vodka, peaches, pineapple, white grapes and lychee fruit for $9. The lychee and fruit absorbed the white wine sangria base and had a nice kick at the end of the drink.

Lolita serves pitchers of margaritas ranging from $44 to $48, but there is a pitcher of Liquid Gold margarita for $100 which as Patron Gran Platinum, St. Germain, strawberry and lime and Gran Patron Burdeos.

My friend loved her Broken Heart margarita with Gran Centenario Rosengal, St. Germain, Patron Citronge, white grapes and fresh raspberries for $13. She got a second one from a new “friend”.

The Green Tea mojito looked great and will be a try for next time, Flora de cana white rum, Jamaica green tea, mint, cane sugar and muddled lime.

Our little sister has eaten at Lolita a few times and although we haven’t eaten there yet, we will. Next time, we definitely be trying some corn, the iron pad corn bread and queso fundido. We heard Lolita even serves cotton candy for dessert, which is definitely an item to look forward to.

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