The Brahmin, Back Bay, Boston Revisited

We returned to The Brahmin (BMH’s first review of The Brahmin) for a light dinner and drinks. I was excited to be able to hang out in the cool The Brahmin again.

Opened in August 2011, this restaurant serves contemporary American cuisine. Please note that the restaurant’s kitchen serves their full menu until 11pm and has grilled flatbreads until 1:30am.

The interior makes you feel as if you are in an elegant dimly lit speakeasy lounge that mixes classic cigar bar with vintage and turn-of-the-century drinks. This mean you’ll be surrounded by burgundy leather, sparkling crystal chandeliers and good service from management.

Brahmin Blueberry Lemonade- Stoli Blueberi Vodka, fresh lemonade, soda water $10

I’m not one to drink seasonal cocktails only in the summer or winter alone. Sometimes I just like a light, refreshing drink.  The lemonade was freshly made and right combination of tart and sweet. The added muddled blueberries enhanced the vodka in a pleasant way. If this drink came in pitchers, I’d most likely get one to share at the table.

Salmon Crudo- with cucumber

This small plate was a nice starter however there were two bites per person which made this a very bad value for my money. The flavors were on point, clean tender raw salmon with crisp cucumber and a hint of basil oil.

Tuna Two Ways- with melon and tuna tartare $10

This was a lovely small plate, but the thing that struck me the most was that the portion was too small again. Pairing the sushi grade tuna with sweet watermelon worked well and I wanted it to last longer than two bites. The tuna tartare was soft and silky in your mouth. The chopped tuna was a mix of small and medium dice which helped to provide some texture. On top of the toasted french bread, it was very delicious.

Grilled Prawns- with chipotle sauce $8

Very tasty large grilled shrimp, bathed in a smoky chipotle sauce that provided a kick of heat. I would definitely try to make this at home on the grill once spring gets here.

Grilled Asparagus- wrapped in Serrano ham, lemon aioli $5

In concept, this sounds like a great classic combination. In execution on the night I visited, not so much. The asparagus was a bit too charred for my tastes and the aioli seemed more like a hollandaise sauce. If I can make this dish at home but chose to order it in a restaurant, the plate should taste amazing. I won’t get this again.

Beef short ribs- with cauliflower-parsnip puree, pickled shallots $11

A hearty, comforting and delicious protein plate that gives a nod to a popular dish the old 33 restaurant and bar once made. The beef was so tender we didn’t even use our knives. The the sweet tang from the shallots helped cut the richness of the dish.

The Brahmin has a novel receipt delivery concept that I’ve seen in other restaurants before. Pop your receipt into another container to be delivered, whether a metal tin, envelope, jewelry box, etc.

Overall, the Brahmin is fairly new and has been tweaking its menu as time progresses. The restaurant’s one year anniversary is approaching this year, so it will be interesting to see what else they are capable of. Until then, this is a good place to stop in and have a few drinks and small plates after work or on the way home.

The comfortable luxe leather couches are a plus in my eyes but when the venue is crowded during peak hours, it’s very hard to hear your friends even though they are next to you. However if you’re looking for a fun place to hangout and hear some unique mash-ups from the DJ like we did, but don’t want insane crowds of people dancing near you, I’d check it out. 

The Brahmin American Cuisine & Cocktails on Urbanspoon

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