Globe Bar and Cafe, Back Bay, Boston

My dining companion and I were surprised that the Globe Bar and Cafe has some of the most solid 90’s female oriented music played at brunch. Dido, Sarah, Britney and other old school female artists were rocking out in the background and we rather enjoyed it.

The sunlight streamed through the window and although I have had drinks on the patio on Boylston, I have never eaten here. Most patrons sat at the bar and enjoyed the game while eating their brunch.

Our server was super sweet, friendly and was very attentive. The Globe has a limited options for tea, only bagged green (they were out) and earl grey, but they do have cute tea pots.

We initially wanted to have the mango salad, however they were out of mango. As a result, we shared the beet salad and a turkey burger. The beet salad with apples, pecans and goat cheese was run of the mill. It was overdressed and as a result we think Parish Cafe has a better beet salad. The fries were perfectly tender on the inside, crisp on the outside and the turkey pattie was moist. We omitted the bbq sauce, which would have made the burger more flavorful, but the cheddar and bacon made the turkey burger pretty tasty.

We would definitely be back for some drinks and some sliders on a nice summer night. However for lunch or brunch, we’ll reserve that slot for the South End spots.

Globe Bar and Cafe on Urbanspoon

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