Highland Kitchen, Somerville


We stopped into Highland Kitchen for a late night bite with friends on a Saturday and sat in the bar area. This place was crowded and packed with people even though it is not a very large space. Even the tables are very close together in the dining area. It is also so loud from the crowd and music that it is hard to hear what your companions are saying. This is definitely a place to hang out with friends for drinks because face it, you’re not here for a date with the kitschy hipster ambiance. This restaurant and bar is hugely popular but we are not sure we get all the hype.



It’s summer. Tropical rum drinks are in season and this one does not disappoint. It’s a boozy sweet mango in a cup.


Cuban sandwich

The Cuban is mouthwatering-ly scrumptious. There’s a good ratio of meat-cheese-bread. The bread is hot and toasted while the cheese is freshly melted. The only thing that bugs me us that the plate is nearly two thirds full with mediocre fries. These fries are the kind that are just awful after they cool off from the fryer.


Chocolate mousse

This dessert was delicious. The chocolate strength was perfect and the consistency was fluffy and smooth. The pecan cookies were a nice touch. I have to ask why the dessert was the size of an espresso cup for $8 because I wanted much, much more. I guess I’ll never know.


Overall, Highland Kitchen is fun for drinks but the pricing or the quality of some of the food needs to be better. Granted, these are Somerville/Cambridge prices, where a lot of things are inflated. We definitely would come back, just not on a busy Friday or Saturday night and definitely with reservations to try more drinks and food.

Highland Kitchen
150 Highland Ave
Somerville, MA 02143

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