Cocktails: Cuchi Cuchi, Central Square, Cambridge

Since 2001, Cuchi Cuchi has been open and popular ever since. Friends who live in Central Square also speak highly of their global small plates and hand crafted cocktails.

The bartenders are very talented and the staff wear funky polka dot dresses, feathers in their hair and lips colored by deep red lipstick. If you have watched Woody Allen’s Midnight In Paris, Cuchi Cuchi’s environment embodies La Belle Epoch.

The low lighting, feminine puffy-painted lampshades, stained glass above the bar, eclectic mix of mannequins and antique chandeliers are definitely unique and wonderful.

The Easy Virtue ($11) was similar to a Dark and Stormy without the ginger beer, but ginger infused liquor. I liked the flavor of the homemade ginger. The bar can prepare many of the cocktails virgin for $7.

The mish-mash of vintage decor, white-painted metal, gilded gold mirrors and furniture is a glamorous, provocative, psychedelic and an interesting combination of oddities.

Although we didn’t have time for a bite, we will to sample a cuisine representation of some of best hits of each country. I would be interested in tasting the Deep-fried Tomato (Mexico) for $11, Fried Artichoke Hearts filled with gorgonzola, pistachios & basil (Italy) for $14 and St. Jacob’s Zucchini with Serrano and Manchego (Spain) for $10.

I would also like to taste items I have tried to attempt making such as the Brie en Croûte with walnuts and bacon for $14 (BMH’s Brie En Croute) and the Grilled Skirt Steak with Chimichurri (Argentina) for $15 (BMH’s Chimmichuri Flank Steak).

Cuchi Cuchi on Urbanspoon

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