Bostone Pizza, Back Bay, Boston

I used to go to Newbury Pizza for their traditional slices before it became Bostone Pizza. It was no frills place with simple booths and solid pizza slices. I appreciate Bostone’s homage to Newbury Pizza by using their old signage and updating it with a modern twist. The sleeker white booths and silver counter tops modernizes Bostone, yet it is still some of the best pizza in the Back Bay.

Bostone Pizza is in our pizza delivery rotation and is typically where we get our regular pizza.

I also have tried their Sicilian for lunch and thought it was pretty good for the price.

Patrons can choose to reheat slices of bbq chicken pizza, plain cheese, veggie or pepperoni squares of Sicilian.

The crust had a nice crunch and the dough was not overly greasy. I loved the sweetness of the sauce, but the square could use a bit more cheese (to be more gooey and crusty like the Sicilian from Galleria Umberto, North End) and warmed a bit longer. I wouldn’t mind a few more pepperoni per square as well.

A little dusting of Parmesan, chili flakes and garlic powder changes the flavor profile of the pizza if you like condiments.

Bostone Pizza on Urbanspoon

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