Popeye’s Louisiana Chicken, Kenmore, Boston Revisited

If we have the opportunity to have some fried chicken, we will! Thus far we’ve enjoyed fried chicken at BojanglesBonchonChick-Fil-A (Burlington)Chick-Fil-A, (Myrtle Beach)Coop’s PlaceFive Horses Tavern, Darryl’sGraham ElliotMaryland Fried Chicken and Trident. We have tried many styles, from Southern to Korean fried wings. They come in many forms, from chicken sandwiches to upscale or fine dining versions.

Each chicken experience is different and delicious for various reasons, be it the crisp skin, the tender meat or both. What’s with our obsession with fried chicken? Fried chicken is good because it’s fried. It’s the tender juicy meat combined with the crunchy, spice-enhanced exterior and the experience of getting your hands dirty. No original recipes for us. Bone-in please and we hope it will be finger-licking good. At first, fried chicken was never something I would have ordered for myself thanks to the general slimy, soggy heaviness of ‘typical’ fried chicken, but then I had amazingly,good fried chicken. It was unlike any I’d ever had – so light and fluffy that it practically melted in my mouth with each bite. The crispness gave way to perfectly tender and moist chicken. It was almost uncanny how light and fluffy the whole thing  tasted. An obsession to find the best fried chicken around began.

I’m loving this sign.

Cajun fries and the new garlic pepper wicked chicken

The baskets with fixin’s

Crunchy, spicy fried chicken thigh, breast and tenders with a flaky biscuit and a side of crispy cajun fries

Mashed potatoes with gravy and an apple pie (one of the best fast food apple pies ever eaten). The potatoes were light and fluffy and the gravy added nice flavor. The apple filling had a flaky exterior sprinkled in cinnamon and sugar.

On our list to explore next are: in Boston, Hen House and  Myers + Chang, and in Nashville, Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack and Bolton’s Spicy Chicken & Fish. We are all ears for other great fried chicken places.

Dear Readers, where have you eaten the best fried chicken in Boston or nationally? 

Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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