Tealuxe, Harvard Square, Cambridge

We used to frequent the Tealuxe on Newbury Street (before the space became Snappy Sushi in 2011). We are still hoping Tealuxe returns to the Back Bay, but in the meantime, we go to the very crowded, original location when we are in the area. Tealuxe was founded in Harvard Square in 1996. It the real deal in terms of tea shops, created well before the Teavana fad hit most A and B malls throughout the nation.

There are wooden bins with over a hundred loose leaf teas ready for sale or for consumption. Patrons have a choice of 16 oz, 20 oz, a Personal Pot and Large (Party) Pot for purchase.

There are four main price points of tea- premium, rare, exotic and chai. The tea types include: chai, oolong, green, black, flavored black, rooibos and herbal infusions. I also enjoy their iced teas, hot chocolate infusions and bubble teas.

Tealuxe has a great atmosphere and ambiance. It is quaint and the shelves are stocked with multi-colored tea pots, strainers and tea ware. I really enjoy the relaxing space decorated with small twinkling lights and copper tables.

A personal pot of Japanese sencha for $3.19.

Tealuxe on Urbanspoon

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