Supermarkets: Whole Foods Flagship, Downtown, Austin

In 1980, John Mackey and his partners opened a store in Austin, Texas called Whole Foods. Today, it has 310 stores in North America and the UK. I have had the opportunity see John Mackey speak twice and each time he wore simple plaid shirts, jeans and would espouse the philosophy behind Whole Foods and its growth.

Whole Foods flagship store is located at the corner of Sixth Street and Lamar Boulevard, is one of the largest, at 80,000 square feet. Built in 2005, the company’s headquarters moved into offices above the store. The flagship store is an amazing foodie Disneyland and very IKEA-like. The experience is a bit overwhelming, but the sheer variety, volume of people, food stations and choice was unbelievable and wonderful.

Whole Foods Market Culinary Center provides cooking classes and full-service catering and event planning.

The epicenter of all the Whole Food stores are fresh produce and organic or high quality products and in this right, the flagship is similar to every other Whole Foods stores. The main difference between the flagship versus other stores is the community spirit with proper dining areas and mini-restaurants combined with the magnitude of options.

Nuts, cereals, spices by the pound

Three varieties of Batter Blaster (I have only seen one), clarified butter (Ghee) and soy chocolate milk.

BBQ area for pulled pork, ribs, cornbread, mac and cheese sandwiches and dinner plates.

Variety of sausages and hot dogs

Loose leaf teas

Chocolate case and selection of truffles, bars and bark

Cakes, meringue, chocolate canache, cream puffs and other treats.

Donut case with some of the largest donuts we have ever seen.

Tiramisu, tres leches and a large variety of cupcakes.

ACE apple cider

Whole Food’s tres leches cake was soaked in condensed milk and we loved the meringue top.

Bowie Street BBQ at Whole Foods on Urbanspoon

Whole Foods Market on Urbanspoon

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