Hut’s Hamburgers, Downtown, Austin

Hut’s Hamburgers (adjacent to Frank & Angie’s Pizza) was a must visit for me. We heard it won Best Burger in Texas in 2011 and had a lively divey atmosphere and fun memorabilia, such sports gear and pennants.

Hut’s patrons are families, college students and tourists all mixing under the same roof. There are special nights (Hut’s 2 for 1’s Mondays and Wednesdays), as well and blue plate specials (chicken fried steak and meatloaf). Our server was sweet, very thorough and had a definite hint of a hustler with their good food sales pitches.

We had to try the hand cut, housemade peppered onion rings. We also split a classic burger. The burger meat was super fresh, sourced locally in South Austin. For an additional $1, we went with the Longhorn Grassfed Beef. It was a terrific burger.

We also ordered the mini-corn dog basket and fries. They were made fresh, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The little dogs were truly special. The fries were so-so, minimal seasoning and lukewarm.

Hut's Hamburgers on Urbanspoon

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