Dave and Buster’s, Braintree

We came here for a birthday party last Friday. Prior to this, we had only visited the location in Providence. The Dave and Buster’s in Braintree is at least four times that of the one in Providence. It is located right next to the South Shore Plaza mall.

Once you walk in, you are carded immediately. There is a huge dining area and plenty of more arcade games. The one thing I did notice is that there is a large detail of policemen on duty after 10pm. Even though you are carded at the door, you are then carded again when you order alcohol the first time. The coat check is $1 if you don’t want to lug your winter coats around.

Walk the Plank- “Created by our mixologist in Irvine, CA, and fun to drink even if you haven’t done anything naughty. Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, Malibu Coconut Rum, Peach Schapps, pineapple juice, orange juice and pomegranate syrup.”

I loved this drink. So much that the moment it get’s sunny and warm enough, I’ll try to recreate this at home. If you enjoy fruity, girly drinks that creep up on you, this is the one to get.

Bar Burgers and Wings Platter- “Four mini-cheeseburgers on Hawaiian rolls, paired with our Original Buffalo Wings. Served with seasoned french fries.”

These actually weren’t bad. They weren’t great but not terrible. I preferred the mini bar burgers over the wings however. The wings were overly greasy and under sauced. One thing I did notice is that the mini bar burgers were like mini White Castle sliders without the sauteed onion and cheddar cheese.

Grilled Chicken Quesadillas- “Grilled chicken, poblano & jalapeno peppers with cilantro, and a blend of melted Mexican and cheddar cheeses, folded & grilled in a cheddar jalapeno flour tortilla. Served with sour cream and salsa.”

The one thing that surprised me about these quesadillas is that there didn’t seem to be much chicken inside. Plenty of the other ingredients but easy on the chicken.

Island Grilled Trifecta- “Individual skewers of honey-teriyaki glazed sirlion steak, seasoned chicken breast and tender shrimp, all grilled to perfection and served on a bed of spicy rice medley. Served with pineapple pico de gallo, Teriyaki BBQ sauce, and a mango citrus sauce for dipping.”

I don’t like seasoned rice so I subbed it out for sweet potato fries. Overall I liked my dish for what it was, simple and edible. The shrimp was good, I just wish there were more of them. The chicken and beef skewers were a bit on the dry side but dipping them in the accompanying sauces certainly helped.

Chargrilled Sirloin Steak- “8oz Sirloin hand-seasoned with fresh cracked pepper. Served with loaded garlic mashed potatoes and crispy frazzled onions.”

We subbed out the frazzled onions for the mixed vegetables. The steak was left too long on the grill but we did not want to have to wait as the wait to order appetizers and entrees as well as waiting to receive them took far too long.

Buster’s Cheeseburger- “A half-pound burger with American cheese.”

Our birthday boy added on the bacon. What’s a birthday without a little bacon?! It looks like a standard burger and probably tastes that way too. The better question is it worth you money? Only you can decide.

Baked Chicken and Shrimp Alfredo- “Plump shrimp and grilled chicken breast sautéed with mushrooms and sundried tomatoes tossed with Cavatappi pasta and a three cheese Alfredo sauce. Topped with a garlic breadcrumb crust and baked until brown and bubbly.”

This baked pasta dish was a winner. It had the right amount of cheese and the shrimp and chicken were not overcooked but tender.

Although we wouldn’t necessarily return for the standard bar food when there are so many other new places to explore in Massachusetts, we would certainly return for the wonderful company, the drinks, and the arcade games. The friends and fun is what made it a great birthday party experience.
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