Gourdough’s, Soco, Austin

Gourdough’s Big. Fat. Donuts. serves donuts the size of one’s face with fillings, toppings and many combinations of salty and sweet. Is Gourdough’s a vehicle of indulgence or gluttony?! Maybe a bit of both. We could help trying freshly fried donuts with savory and sweet accoutrements.

The Mother Clucker, fried chicken strips with honey butter, looked interesting, but would be too much for even two people. The folks next to us both ordered the Mother Clucker and told us they finished the chicken and could not even attack the donut. Each donut cost $4.00 and add $1.00 for meat.

We tried two donuts the Flying Pig, Bacon and maple syrup icing on a donut and Funky Monkey, grilled bananas and cream cheese icing with brown sugar.

The cream cheese frosting with caramelized bananas had similarities to bananas foster. The maple bacon was crispy and a sticky, salty and sweet.

Gourdough's on Urbanspoon

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