Holy Cacao, Soco, Austin

Holy Cacao serves shakes with cake and ice cream, cake balls and drinking hot chocolate. Some examples of cake balls include Holly’s Favorite Cake Balls (Chocolate cake dipped in chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder) and Velvet Cake Balls (Southern classic red velvet cake mixed with cream cheese frosting, then dipped in white chocolate and topped with toasted red velvet cake crumbs).

The pricing for the cake balls are $2 each, 3 for $5 and 12 for $ 22.

We went for 3 for $5 including Rabbit Cake Ball (rich, buttery carrot cake mixed with cream cheese, dipped in white chocolate and coated with crushed walnuts) and the Diablo Cake Ball (chocolate cake mixed with ancho/cayenne cream cheese frosting, dipped in dark chocolate and then topped with cayenne and cocoa toasted walnuts). We enjoyed the heat of the diablo ball and the nutty flavor that the carrot cake ball.

Our favorite was the Wedding Cake Ball (White cake married to butter cream frosting, then dipped in white chocolate and crowned with hard rock sugar crystals). The crunch of the sugar with the butter cream flavored cake ball was an awesome simple classic combination.

Holy Cacao also sells Roast Your Own S’mores kits with Holy Cacao’s own handmade marshmallows, graham crackers and Hershey’s chocolate bars for $6.00. Patrons can purchase made from scratch marshmallows for $.50 per serving.

Next time, we will go for several of the drinks options including the Dark chocolate infused with ancho chile and cinnamon for $4.00, Frozen Hot Chocolate for $5.00 and the Cake Shakes Milkshake for $5.00.

Holy Cacao on Urbanspoon

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