Amy’s Ice Cream, Soco, Austin

Amy’s Ice Cream was started by Amy Simmons in 1984 (who previously worked for Steve’s Ice Cream, while she was in college in Boston). Amy’s sells three sizes and we went the small size and the ice cream shop offers sugar and cake cones for free. For the larger two sizes, “Crush’ns” can be added.

After consulting with the super friendly staff (she wore a furry tail and a hat with ears), we settled on a Brittany’s Parade (Frosted animal crackers), Dreamscicle and White chocolate. It was a different ice cream combo and I rather liked it. The creamy orange sweetness and the smooth sweet white chocolate complimented each other while the animal crackers added texture. I’m looking forward to trying other combos.

Amy's Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

2 thoughts on “Amy’s Ice Cream, Soco, Austin

  1. I love Amy’s ice cream! My boyfriend and I have noticed an interesting phenomena about the people who work there, though: they’re always impossibly upbeat and crazy. I’ve never seen any other customer service like it. I’m assuming they’re just high on sugar all the time…

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