Elizabeth Street Cafe, Soco, Austin

Elizabeth’s Street Cafe serves French Vietnamese cuisines such as crepes, pastries, banh mi, pho, noodles and coffee in a lovely atmosphere. Note Elizabeth’s is in the same restaurant family as Perla and Lambert’s.

The pricing is more than double the price of Vietnamese fare at the mom and pop shops I have been to, but this upcharge is certainly for diners that are seeking decor and ambiance.

Some interesting iterations of banh mi include spicy pork meatballs, grilled McAllen Ranch Flank Steak, Keffir Lime Fried Chicken and grilled lemongrass tofu for $7. The Elizabeth Street pho ranges in price from $12 to $22 (Shrimp, Red snapper, Dungeness Crab).

Butter cake, canelles and eclairs (nutella, pistachio and peanut) $3

Macarons and cream puffs (coconut, banana cream or espresso) $2

Zebra striped pillow with the seating and bar area

The Vietnamese Iced coffee being made and consumed (drip coffee and sweetened condensed milk) for $3.00. It was lightly sweet and had a deep coffee flavor. Perfection.

We ordered a canelle, banana cream puff and macarons.

The canelle tasted like a cross between bread budding and a dense flan with a caramel soaked bottom.

The chocolate chili macaron had a deep chocolate flavor with the spice coming through as the chocolate dissipates. The citrus flavored macaon was refreshing.

Next time, I will order the pineapple tatin with palm sugar ice cream, pineapple chips and star anise caramel for $8.

Elizabeth Street Cafe on Urbanspoon

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