Austin To Do (Next Visit), Austin

There were various food trailers closed Monday and Tuesdays or had mid afternoon closings. Despite this, we were borderline gluttons in Austin and there was not enough time to enjoy all the restaurants and trailers. We have a working list of many future to do’s.

We passed by Ms. P’s Electric Cock, who serves fried chicken (made with a Texas two-step brining process) and we love our fried chicken.

We love crepes as well and wanted to try Crepes Mille, an adorable silver trailer with a variety of savory and sweet crepes.

Fat Cactus serves Southwest Navajo Fry breads, pizzas and tacos. The dessert fry bread with peanut butter and banana looked really tasty.

Across the street from Caffe Medici (BMH review of Caffe Medici) and next to Patika Coffee is Turf N’ Surf which serves fries, fish tacos, po boys and fried shrimp. The owner was super friendly and the truck is open nice and late.

Guero’s Taco Bar was quite lively with the music performance and folks dancing in the parking lot. The menu looked great.

Located at the Trailer Park area was Conscious Cravings which was filled with tofu and other healthy sandwiches.

Kung Fu Saloon has a cool ambiance and has games to entertain patrons. I really enjoy the bottle nunchucks logo.

Wahoo Fish Tacos is a chain based in California and Colorado which serves tofu, fish and regular tacos.

Easy Tiger sells pretzels, breads, pastries upstairs and has a beer garden downstairs.

Clearly, there is much more to try and to enjoy in the friendly, warm city of Austin. The food is fun, abundant and puts a smile on our faces. We can not wait for the next chance to head to the Southwest!

Ms P's Electric Cock on UrbanspoonCrepes Mille on UrbanspoonTurf N Surf Po' Boy on UrbanspoonEasy Tiger on Urbanspoon

Conscious Cravings (Trailer) on Urbanspoon

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