Salt Lick BBQ, Airport, Austin

Salt Lick is famous in Texas and we were looking forward to finding a way to squeeze Salt Lick in during our trip. Unfortunately, we were not able to get to the proper restaurant and directly try the sausage, turkey, pulled pork and brisket.

Our father rarely asks for anything, however when we mentioned we were heading to Texas, he asked if we would bring him home from Southern BBQ. Our late grandparents lived in Houston for part of their lives and although my father visited Texas, he has never had a taste of authentic Texas bbq.

We brainstormed when and what way we could take home some barbeque on the flight. Salt Lick is at the airport and we took full advantage. The staff were willing to sell us a frozen, 5 lb brisket for $50 and a pound of smoked sausage for our father.

The counter staff packed it up for us in a hot cold bag. After my parents reheated it at 200 degrees F, they said they enjoyed every morsel of tender brisket and smoked sausage.

While we were waiting for our flight home, we enjoyed Salt Lick brisket, sausage combination plate, which came for coleslaw, potato salad, beans and some white bread for $11.95. The gravy made the brisket even more tasty and we really enjoyed all the sides with the Salt Lick meat.
Salt Lick BBQ at the airport. Got some brisket and sausage with coleslaw, bread, beans, and potato salad while we wait for our flight which is two hours delayed
We wish we had time to go to the proper Salt Lick restaurant, but this does mean we have something to look forward to on the next trip.

Salt Lick BBQ on Urbanspoon

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