Caffe Vittoria, North End, Boston

We were looking for some coffee and to share a dessert. Although Mike’s and Modern has great pastries, we wanted a place that was less crowded and we would not feel rushed. Caffe Vittoria offered us exactly what we were looking for.

Collection of espresso machines and coffee makers

Vittoria serves a nice variety of coffees, desserts and grappas. They also have an accordian player and violinist who walk in and out from time to time. Our stunning waitress was very sweet and gave us the time we needed to decide on what coffees and dessert we wanted.

Cappuchino with an adorable heart $3.50

The chocolatey mocha had the right balance of sweetness and espresso for $3.75.

We shared a ricotta pie ($4.50), which was one of the better dessert I have had in a while. The buttery crust with the smooth, lightly sweet ricotta filling was a great addition to the chocolate from my mocha.

Caffe Vittoria on Urbanspoon

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