Hotels: Moon Dance Cliffs, Negril, Jamaica

Moon Dance Cliffs, in Negril, is on the more remote side of Negril and the farthest away from the beach. The van ride from Montego Bay to west to Negril can span from two hours or more.

The resort is quite lush, with well cared for grounds, several pools, jacuzzis and cliffs. Many guests, families and couples state that they chose Moon Dance because it was one of the few resorts with wi-fi.

The property was exceptionally beautiful, although it is not on the beach (15 minute drive by taxi, for $8 each person round trip). The staff, bartenders and the general manager were very accommodating and what makes Moon Dance Cliffs memorable is the amount of care each staff member invests in their guests.

Towels and the rum runner welcome drink

My favorite towel was the little animal. Is it a dog or pig?

View from the dining area

Area overlooking the cliffs

One of our late night snacks was a plate of fresh fruits including plump grapes, juicy pineapple, refreshing watermelon, melons and papaya. Some of the most flavorful and colorful fruit we have ever eaten. We had a lazy breakfast of proper oatmeal with raisins and toast and tea.

A lunch of fried grouper nuggets and another helping of jerk chicken with a side of fries.

Sunset on the resort grounds

Although the sunsets over the cliffs were gorgeous, the star filled, ebony sky was quite breath taking.

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