Memories and Food: Negril

Jamaica was the perfect escape from the winter reality. The sunsets evoked absolute serenity and peace. The golden sun created blue and violet hues throughout the sky as it would set in the darker blue Caribbean Ocean.

School boys in their tan uniforms

School girls in their maroon skirts and white collared short sleeve shirts

Local supermarket

We were so hungry from our travel time and ride from Montego Bay, we asked our driver to take us to one of the best local places, which was near the Kool Runnings Adventure. The fried chicken ($9 USD each with a drink) had a nice crust and was super juicy. Not an authentic meal, but we ordered what was available.

We also asked our driver Chammy to stop at a fruit stand. With his guidance, we ended up buying $10 or 8,900 Jamaican worth of fresh fruit including ripe baby bananas, freshly sliced pineapple, super juicy and ripe avocados and papaya. We definitely paid the tourist price, but the quality could not be beat. We had the freshest fruit every morning and for a snack.

The passionfruit was very sharp and tangy. Although the juice was very enjoyable to nibble on, the seeds itself were cumbersome.

Another sunset from the Cliffs

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