Chill Awhile and Idle Awhile, Negril, Jamaica

We spent most of our days being lazy and enjoying the Jamaican sun at Idle Awhile and Chill Awhile Restaurant on the proper Seven Mile beach.  If I wanted to stay on the beach, I would stay here at this boutique resort or go to Couples Negril.

My friend indulged in multiple aloe vera massages. (After some negotiation, it cost 30 minutes for $21 USD). There were families who seem to perpetually visit Jamaica (twice a year) and some European and Canadian jetsetters. The non-American women sun bathed topless and their group enjoyed cigars and other local Jamaican smokes.

There are two menus at Chill Awhile Restaurant (American and local fare). Make sure you ask for the local fare. We had super tasty conch fritters ($6) and a fresh whole steamed fish ($20). This was one of the best bone in fish experiences I have ever had. The fish was tender, with thin slivers of peppers and sauce and served with rice and beans.

For appetizers, the local menu featured conch or seafood chowder, lobster or conch salad and crab canoe. Other local entrees included curried goat, oxtail, stew beef, steam roast conch and curried chicken.

The Seven Mile Beach had the softest sand and the water were so gentle and calming.

Coconut juice with a cute Rum Rick drawing and dry banana bread for $ 3 USD. I would not get the bread again because it was too dry (recipe for moist, flavorful banana foster bread). Our baked goods purveyor was also selling “brownies”, which we opted out of. I also opted out of his proposition to go to church with him.

Musicians and a steel drummer played Bob Marley (an amazing version of Redemption by Lauryn Hill and Ziggy Marley), The Eagles and a great rendition of Black Magic Woman. Several audience members paid the entertainers in cash and with bottles of Red Stripe. The beach entrepreneurs sold fruit, reggae cds, baked goods and cigarettes until right before sunset.

 Jerk chicken, rice and beans and fried plantains.

Sunset on Seven Mile Beach

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