Juici Patties, Negril, Jamaica

One of the top must-do items on my Jamaica trip checklist was to try authentic meat patties. In Boston, there are two Jamaican beef patty vendors to my knowledge. There is one in Back Bay Station and at a stand at on the Red Line side of Downtown Crossing. Our driver Chammy took us to Juici Patties for fresh chicken and beef patties.

There was also a vegetarian option, the Juici Callaloo Loaf with both White or Whole Wheat Bread.

The Juici beef pattie ($1USD) had a warm and flavorful soupy beef filling and the flakey spiced pastry was so delicious once you bit into it.

In the Montego Bay airport, I picked up a box of frozen Juici beef patties as a gift and several additional patties to prolong the beef pattie experience. Although they are not as soupy on the inside as the freshly made ones, the flavor is the same, lightly spicy and the dough is nice and flakey. These authentic ones can not compare to the frozen ones in the supermarket isle.

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