Rockhouse Pushcart, Negril, Jamaica

Rockhouse Hotel has several restaurants and bars to dine in. We heard the cliff bar was quite nice overlooking the water. We dined cliffside at Rockhouse Pushcart because we wanted to try Jamaican and Caribbean street food.

The lights, live music (including a good rendition of Bob Marley’s One Love) and large drinks were alluring. Several diners and little children danced near the band.  I started with several of my favorite drinks, dark and stormies, and then shared a Drunken Coconut, whole Coconut with its own natural water, Coconut Rum & pineapple juice for $7.00.

We had another order of bammy (cassava flat bread) for $3 USD, but it was very dense and not as fresh as our bammy at Chill Awhile.

The curried conch ($12 USD), fresh conch tenderized then cooked slowly in West Indian Curry with root vegetables was served with steamed rice. It was extremely tender and had great curry flavor.

Fresh snapper fillet with callaloo ($12 USD), okra and peppers wrapped in foil and grilled over charcoal. The snapper was just ok, the fantastic flavor we expected was not there and the fish was overcooked.

I would return RH Pushcart again for their relaxed cliff bar, generously liquored cocktails and the live music and dancing.

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