The Lady Killigrew, Montague

The Lady Killigrew, in Montague, Western Massachusetts is connected to the Montague Bookmill. The building serves as a cafe and meeting place and has a very warm, communal atmosphere.

The cafe has a good selection of beers on tap including Smuttynose.

Additionally, Lady Killigrew has a nice selection of green and herbal teas. The They are also known for their bagels, baked goods and pressed sandwiches.

I had the special #7 carved ham, swiss cheese, caramelized onions and sage mayo on locally baked sourdough country bread with house salad for $8.95. The sweet onions and herbacious mayo made the pressed sourdough really flavorful.

My friends had the #5, honey ham, cheddar, whole grain mustard and marinated apple grilled sandwich with house salad with maple balsamic vinaigrette. The sweet and salty combination of the apple, ham and cheddar was a classic rendition.

Whenever we are in the area next, I would be back for their nutrient-rich, yet flavorful dishes, such as warm brown rice salad and peanut-ginger udon noodles.

Lady Killigrew on Urbanspoon

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