Eastern Standard, Kenmore Square, Boston Revisited (Breakfast)

We have been to Eastern Standard for dinner and for cocktails, but I had the opportunity to have breakfast at an idea exchange, hosted by Sara of EventBrite. Sara and I met at the Boston Bloggers event at Sonsie and she mentioned she hosts non-profit empowerment breakfasts. I am glad I finally was able to join in.

I love brunch at Island Creek Oyster Bar and it’s great to know there is another solid breakfast/brunch places in Kenmore. On Monday through Saturday, from 7:30am until 10:30am, Eastern Standard serves breakfast including coffee, tea, fruit, omelets and other light fare. We sat in the private back room, which would be a great location for a birthday or bachelorette party dinner.

We started off having freshly sliced melon, pineapple and berries.

The warm scones and fresh blueberry muffins were flaky and semisweet. They delicious and were served with marmalade and butter. I couldn’t help myself and I had a second blueberry muffin with my coffee. As an alternative to muffins with crystallized sugar and white flour, try Gwyneth Paltrow’s healthier version of the blueberry muffin at home.

The perfectly poached eggs and hollandaise sauce were rich and sumptuous. I really enjoyed the Eggs Benedict with thinly sliced ham and spinach. The best aspect of the eggs benedict ($12) was the flaky, buttery biscuit, which absorbed the layer of flavor from the other components. At home, I like to make Ina’s unbelievable herbed baked eggs.

The other breakfast participants seemed to really enjoy their omelets and oatmeal. The service was very attentive. Ironically, we crossed paths with Sara of Eventbrite several other times over the weekend, at the Blog Better Boston Conference, as well as Cochon555. You can never have too much good company around.

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