Yogurt and Pomegranate Seeds

On whim, I purchased a pomegranate because I love ruby red pomegranate juice. The seed’s burst with sweet and tangy deep hued juice and is a nice contrast to the creamy vanilla scented yogurt.

After my first cut of the fruit and reciprocally a few clothing stains, I realized I needed to research how remove the seeds from the membrane.

Using Beekman 1802Simply Recipe and Wiki How‘s instructions, I soaked the seeds in ice-cold water before I tapped the seeds loose with a spatula. The seeds tapped out from the white fibrous membrane with ease and water hardened the seeds and prevented the juice from bursting out.

The effort to deseeding the pomegranate versus buying the seeds already deseeded was well worth it. The bright color and flavor really makes you appreciate nature’s bounty.

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