Biscoff Spread

Move over Nutella for Belgian’s Biscoff Crunchy Spread. I first tried Biscoff cookies on my flights to the UK and have continued to enjoy them with a cup of tea ever since. Lotus created the both creamy and crunchy Speculoos spread which has become a cult item in Europe and is now trending in the USA.  I love the texture of the biscuit crumbs throughout the spread.

After trying the sweet and crunchy spread it on apples and a waffle for a makeshift Belgian waffle, I have been dreaming up other ways I can enjoy crunchy spread. I was thinking about all my uses for Nutella and maybe I will make speculoos crepes, cupcakes, cookies or maybe speculoos snickerdoodles.

The slightly tart granny smith apple was perfect with the Biscoff crunchy spread. It tasted like a fresh apple crumble or apple tart. Loved it.

The warm and crisp waffle had a nice texture from the creamy spread and had a light spice.

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