The Brahmin, Back Bay, Boston Revisited Again

For our beloved friend’s farewell dinner, we celebrated her triumphs and upcoming adventures with a few cocktails and small plates at The Brahmin. The restaurant pays homage to the Boston Brahmins, Boston’s historical elite. Since she was going home to India, we wanted her to have a good memory of Boston.

Back to The Brahmin we went. Clearly, The Brahmin is one of our favorites for cocktails, small plates and ambiance. We have been back time, time again and time again again.  The chandeliers, low lit ambiance and music is just great for all occasions.

Our waitress was sweet, knowledgable and just super thoughtful. I ordered from the Brahmin classics section and had the Brahmin Blueberry Lemonade, which has Stoli Blueberi Vodka, fresh lemonade, soda water for $10. My friends ordered a Sam Seasonal, Dark and Stormies and I tried some of my friend’s 2009 Chianti DOCG, Davinci, Tuscany for $9. It was very smooth and had a note of cherry.

DJ Mike, spun his magic. He consistent every time I have been there. We requested Michael Jackson for our friend and he cleverly integrated mixes of MJ throughout the evening. I loved when he played The Fugees Killing Me Softly (love performance with Roberta Flack). Our friend told us he attended Lauryn Hill’s concert recently and she made the audience wait 3.5 hours. I had considered going as well, however had heard she has become notorious for being late. The one song we requested, which wasn’t played by the time we closed out our dinner was some Gaga.

While we were waiting for our small plates and entrees, we teased our friend and did a round table- revealing some embarrassing stories, which yielded a lot of laughter and anecdotes from various stages of her time in Boston.

The Tater Tots were served with truffle ketchup, garlic aioli and grainy mustard ($6). I prefer the garlic aioli, which reminds me of Barcelona and pairs well with the lightly crisp exterior and soft interior of the tots.

We all enjoyed the generous portion of Truffled Mac and Cheese ($9). The al dente pasta, light truffle flavor and panko bread crumb was a great combination.

The Homemade basil gnocchi with smoked tomatoes, prosciutto, gorgonzola dolce $9) were very light and fluffy. The meaty tomatoes, thin slices of lightly salted prosciutto and gorgonzola had multiple layers of complimentary flavors. The greens also added some bitterness to the dish.

We all enjoyed the Tuna Two Ways and were raving about the tuna with with water melon because of the sweetness and fresh tuna flavors. We just wish there were more of the tuna tartare and crostinis ($10).

The Brahmin Aranchini drizzled with truffle infused honey was nicely fried, it had a nice texture and came with a side of marinara ($10).

The Grilled beef tenderloin was nicely cooked, tender, juicy and lightly crusted on the exterior. It was served with onion rings, asparagus and truffle mac and cheese ($22).

The generous pizza sized Prosciutto and arugula flat bread with mozzarella, garlic puree, lemon-pickled red onions for $9.50 was one of my new favorites. The crust was nicely crispy, the cheese was melty and the warmed prosciutto and puree melded together into a fabulous pizza. I would return for this pizza.

As a send off surprise, we ordered a Molten Chocolate Cake drizzled with hot fudge, ice cream, whip cream and slivers of strawberries. The cake was nice and fudgey, I just wish the cake’s center was even more molten and warm. The cream and strawberries lightened the chocolately bite.

It seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves and we could not be happier with our meal, cocktails and chill ambiance.

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