Crumbs Bake Shop, Financial District, Boston

On most of my trips to New York City, I always make an effort to explore my cupcake options and Crumbs has never disappointed with their super moist cake and creative flavors. I think the reason why Crumb’s cupcakes are more moist than most is because of the frosting injections (with a cupcake corer and pastry bag). Previously, I have enjoyed the Crumbs taster pack (BMH’s review) and split many regular sized cupcakes with my dining companions.

Very recently, Crumbs Bake Shop opened in Boston’s Financial District and cupcake enthusiasts seem thrilled. I kept hearing people in line say that “This is dangerous” or “Crumbs maybe my new addiction.”

There were so many options to choose from including Cotton Candy, Carrot and White Chocolate and Blueberry.

The mega-sized cupcakes topped with sprinkles, chocolate chips and peanut butter cup were fun. They would definitely serve as a nice centerpiece for a bridal shower or birthday party.

I settled on getting the Dulce de Leche cupcake ($3.95) and the Toasted Coconut to split. Both were injected with frosting or filling, which keeps the cupcakes very moist.

Both frosting-laden cupcakes were very sweet and decadent. Dulce de leche had chocolate and caramel stripes and a very chocolatey cake. Certainly, a sweet tooth’s delight, maybe a bit too sweet.

I liked the flavor of the toasted coconut and the vanilla cake, however the frosting was too sugary and quite rich. The custard injection was light and creamy and the cake itself was my favorite.

If I visit Crumbs again, I would order my original favorites (Cookies and Cream, Peanut Butter Cup, Squiggle, Candy, Grasshopper and Cookie Dough) versus the ones we tried.

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