Hong Kong Eatery, Chinatown, Boston Revisited

Hong Kong Eatery is one of our father’s favorite restaurants and because of this, we equally enjoy all our dining experiences Hong Kong Eatery in Chinatown. We have brought countless friends to this cash only establishment for authentic Hong Kong Chinese-style dishes and shared table dining.

Hong Kong Eatery is well known for their whole roasted pork, soy sauce chickens and salted chickens. A lot of walk-ins come in exclusively to pick up these items to go. I have seen a whole roasted pork go from the kitchen, through the dining area and into the store front window.

Aren’t the two fish adorable? Right after the entrance are the fish tanks and along the walls are simple framed black and white photos.

I wish I read Chinese because I always wonder what items I am missing from the written English menu.

The menu is extensive filled with soups, vegetables, claypot casseroles, noodles and roast meats.

We enjoyed a large bowl of the mushroom, pork and shrimp wonton soup ($9.95). The dumplings are super tender, flavorful and the scallion topped broth is very fragrant. I think this is some of the best soup out there.

The fried calamari with spicy salt ($8.95) had chili pepper flakes, scallions and shredded lettuce underneath. I particularly enjoy the combination of the peppers with the calamari. The calamari was a bit off tonight, usually it is super crispy and delectable, but the batter was not as crispy this time around. Hopefully, it will be back to it’s usual crispiness next time.

We really enjoyed the pork chop with spicy salt ($7.95). This was a hit. The pork chop’s interior was super tender, the exterior was nicely crisp and the pepper and scallion combination was delicious. I could have had much more and will order this again and again when we come here.

The Bok Choy with ginger threads and minced garlic was fresh, still had some snap on the outside but was tender inside and so yummy.

From the claypot casserole with rice section of the menu, we ordered the Sauteed Chicken with black mushroom ($6.95) had nice soupy gravy, thickly sliced earthy mushrooms, tender chicken and tender rice. I loved the flavor and umami of the casserole.

On of our favorites of the evening was the nicely crusted fried tofu. The bean curd rounds look like fried dough, but the interior is light and airy. It was served with a light oyster sauce  and was delectable.

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