Hei La Moon, Chinatown, Boston (Dim Sum)

Hei La Moon serves dim sum until 3 pm on weekends. You definitely get an authentic dim sum experience- complete with the big round tables, waitresses pushing carts around, and loads Chinese people. Always remember that if the place is completely packed with Chinese people, odds are that the food is decent to pretty darn good. The restaurant is decorated with your typical Cantonese Chinese decorations- brightly colored or gold. Once seated, you will receive a sheet of paper that the waitresses stamp every time they give you food off of the cart. Prices are reasonable. I love being able to pick out my food from carts being wheeled around. Or, if it’s too busy, having to chase down the cart to get the food you want or even share your table with strangers. There is parking in a garage right above the building. There is also a Chinese supermarket, C-Mart, attached to the same building in case you need anything.

Having had Chinese food in NYC, Atlanta, San Francisco and LA, my sister and I both still agree that Boston is not yet up to par as these cities when it comes to Chinese food in general. However, I think the food at Hei La Moon is still quite good, and it’s probably one of the best dim sum places in Boston.

We came here for a late dim sum with friends. We tried:

Har gau

This is one of my favorite items to order at dim sum. They are always a solid winner for me. The shrimp dumplings are also fairly plump. Very soft smooth outside with lots of shrimp with water chestnut and ginger on the inside.

Siu mai

Probably some of the most pork-filled dumplings I have found in a dim sum restaurant in Boston’s Chinatown. My favorite version of this dish is made at Hei La Moon and I think they do a great job.

Har cheun fun

This shrimp rice noodle roll is always best when it’s fresh and hot from the kitchen otherwise it has a tendency to get gummy if they didn’t make it well. It doesn’t have as much shrimp as the har gau do, but the texture of the rice noodle and the flavor of the sweet soy sauce is good.

Wu gok

The fried taro dumplings are pretty good. These were made very well and we got them hot. In one bite you will get the crispy fried outside which melts into the creamy slightly sweet taro inside and then the savory minced pork meat center.

Turnip cake in XO sauce

Also known as “lo bak go,” these mashed turnip cakes are cooked right in front of you on the cart. They have a slight crispy outside, and a nice warm tender inside. It’s not too oily, which is good. The dark XO sauce on the side just makes the turnip cake even better.

Char siu bao

I always get the roasted pork bun. The bun itself is fluffy yet dense and the chopped roast pork is plentiful with a good meaty flavor. It’s a great choice if you didn’t order enough and want to fill up space in your stomach.

Phoenix claws

This classic dim sum dish of chicken feet always creeps out my dining companions. I’m not sure which one is stranger looking, the chicken feet or the tripe? What do you think? Either way, these chicken feet have plenty to gnaw on and are deliciously fall-off-the-bone tender.

Chinese crueller wrapped in rice noodle with scallion oil

I’ll admit this isn’t my favorite dim sum dish to eat. I like the crueller alone to dip into congee, or rice porridge but once you wrap it in thin rice noodles, you lose me. I then have no interest in eating it but my sister does like them a lot because it’s a cross between fried dough and rice noodles.

Sticky red bean cake

These sticky mochi cakes are pan-seared. The oooey-gooey mochi wrapped around the smooth red bean paste is very filling but satisfying way to end your dim sum experience.

If you’ve never had dim sum before, I would highly recommend trying Hei La Moon.

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