Douzo, Back Bay, Boston Revisited (Lunch)

Douzo has won numerous local awards and each time I have been here for lunch, dinner or take away, the sushi and Japanese dishes are fresh and consistent ( (BMH’s dinner review of Douzo).

Lovely orchid arrangement

Douzo’s bar area is always filled and I particularly enjoyed sitting at the sushi bar watching other diner’s dishes are assembled. The chefs are nimble and efficient with their creations.

Every time I have sushi, I am reminded that I have on my list to watch the food documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

It was nice to survey the variety of sushi grade salmon, clam, octopus, yellowtail and other fresh fish.

My friend who is observing an alkaline diet (balancing internal PH by eating less acidic ingredients) and had the Tenzaru, cold buckwheat noodle, dipping sauce and with side of shrimp tempura, tempura broccoli and acorn squash for $8.25. The cold noodles had a perfect texture and the tempura was fresh and crunchy.

I had the Sushi Special Lunch with a variety of tuna, salmon, razor clam, sea bass, shrimp and a seaweed covered tuna roll for $9.75. My favorites were the tender light orange salmon and the pink tuna. The next time I dine at Douzo for lunch, I will get the makimono or bento box.

Douzo on Urbanspoon

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