Blackstrap BBQ, Winthrop- Revisited

We went back for a quick visit to Blackstrap BBQ (BMH’s first visit) because we had a serious craving for BBQ. One that I knew they could definitely satisfy, since I would be north of Boston that day.

Look! They’ve added a mini-lending library since our last visit.

Clockwise from the 2 o’clock- Sweet, Hot, Mustard and Carolina BBQ sauces

I got all four types of BBQ sauce because I can never just try one. I’ll dab a little bit one type on a bite of food and another kind on another bite. Variety is the spice of life. There’s a sweet BBQ sauce that has smoked onions in it. Hot is a spicier, chunkier version of the sweet. Mustard is a thin, yellowy, slightly sweet and spicy BBQ sauce. Carolina is a BBQ standard of a thin tomato and vinegar sauce.

The fried pickles were a tangy crispy indulgent treat. The acidity in the pickle holds up to frying quite nicely. These are cornmeal dredged and surprisingly were quite crunchy. The tang of the pickles really shine through and isn’t hidden by the breading. I prefer saltine or panko dredged ones personally, but Blackstrap BBQ’s fried pickles hit the spot. The only thing I was missing was a side of ranch dressing.

We tried Reggie’s smoking hot ribs. They’re similar to the dry ribs, which means they have a nice savory crust and moist juicy innards with pleasant subtle smoke flavor throughout. They are flash-fried then doused in an all natural scotch pepper based BBQ sauce. If you love spicy hot food, this dish is for you. My sinuses were pleasantly tingling through every meaty bite. These ribs are part of the Blackstrap BBQ “Rude Boy” Rib Challenge.

The BBQ Sticky wings were very good. They are smoked, stewed in a pleasantly sweet BBQ sauce and then finished on the grill. The wing meat was moist, tender and smokey tasting in a good way. There was just enough smoke to suggest they indeed had been smoked at some point during the cooking process.Starting Clockwise from the lower left- Mac’n’Cheese, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Pulled Chicken, Pulled Pork, Burnt Ends

The mac ‘n’ cheese was my favorite side of the night. It was a hearty, stick-to-your-ribs, kind of pasta, chock full of sinfully good melted cheese and small chunks of delicious thick bacon.

The mashed sweet potatoes were good, but very sweet and heavy sitting in my stomach from the molasses, brown sugar, and butter that was added. We actually ended up saving them for last and eating them as dessert.

The pulled chicken was tender and moist with slightly sweet smoky flavor, suggesting it had been smoked at some point in the cooking process.

The pulled pork was very good, but could have been a tiny bit more tender. Pairing it with a drizzle of BBQ sauce added some heat and eliminated the need for the pork to be more tender.

The burnt ends were my absolute favorite of all the meats besides Reggie’s smoking hot ribs. They were tender, fatty, and full of smokey flavor. You still get a few chunks of smoky, soft and tender semi-fatty textured meat with a slightly crusty and chewy outside that I’ve become accustomed to over previous visits.

Blackstrap BBQ is still one of my local go-to spots when I need a BBQ fix when a trip to Stubb’s Bar-B-Q or Salt Lick BBQ in Austin is clearly not possible.

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