Arizona Barbeque and House of Pizza, Dudley Square, Roxbury

After all the Southern food we’ve had recently, we thought we’d see what was available closer to home. There is a small selection of bbq and rib joints in Boston, especially those that deliver. Sweet Cheeks BBQ offers take out, convenient if you are in the Fenway area. Redbones offers delivery via their Redbones Rib Rider (in the Somerville area) and limited car service, but what about those folks that are real lazy and want to order in?

We searched the web and Arizona Barbeque in Roxbury, popped up immediately on our radar. After ordering, the ribs came within 45 minutes.

We got a full rack of ribs. The family rack is $31.95 and the full rack is $19.95. The meat was pleasantly fatty, tender and the sauce was nice and sweet, with a little bit of spice. We did have the ends of the rack which were dry, tough and a bit too overcooked, but overall, most the center ribs were real tasty, super tender and enjoyable to eat.

The best aspects of the ribs was the light bbq char and the sweet sauce. It had a bit of a tang, spice and sweetness and was good enough it should be bottled and sold!

If we need some wet, saucy ribs, we will definitely turn to Arizona BBQ for delivery again and we may even try out the pizza too!

Arizona Barbeque on Urbanspoon

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