Mikado, CasaMagna, Cancun

Why would one eat teppanyaki when you are in Mexico? Mikado, the Japanese and teppanyaki restaurant at CasaMagna was a wonderful dining option for lighter fare and something different from tacos or quesadillas.

The sleek decor and cool atmosphere (figuratively, but literally the air conditioner was pumping) was a nice change of pace from the heat.

Edamame and a small bowl of miso soup

The Ozeki Hana Awaka Sparkling Sake, brewed in Kinki, Hyogo was awarded a gold medal by Monde Selection. It is similar to a light champagne with light, fruity notes and was an absolute pleasure to sip. Since the trip, I have searched Boston’s Japanese and sushi restaurants and they have not carried many sparkling sakes, including Ozeki Hana Awaka Sparkling Sake. Hopefully, Passionate Foodie can help me locate some!

Pink kimono and Ozeki Hana Awaka sparkling sake

Our chef was a complete ham and forcing me to speak Spanish.

Light soy sauce (which he joked was Coca Cola) was added to the fried rice (BMH’s versions of fried rice and brown rice with kale and scallions) and then shaped into a heart. He used his spatula to lift the rice into a beating heart. He stacked and made an onion volcano and then with “Gasolina” liquor added to onion and lit on fire.

The tender chicken and freshly grilled grouper with sesame and ginger dressings were so tasty and had great flavor.The dessert was the only lackluster aspect of our meal. The fried vanilla ice cream was overly crusted in a thick flavorless exterior. Fortunately, the mango and strawberry fruit compote saved the ending.

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