Parque de Las Palapas, Cancun

As we were walking toward our dinner plans, we came across a carnival like park barricaded with several police motorcycles. Initially, we thought it was a  protest area, however with a closer eye, we realized Parque de Las Palapas was an area with food stalls and lively music.

Every food stand and and stall was tempting. There were fresh pastries, savory items and snacks.

I loved looking at the variety of desserts from flan (BMH’s flan), custards and tres leches.

Carnival like neon lights

Every other stall was fried food heaven from fried plantains and freshly fried churros (Toro, best churros in Boston). 

We had to have a marquesita. The friendly father and son team filled the crispy crepe with nutella and grated cheese, salty and sweet. It was fun to watch the thin crepe/waffle being pressed (BMH’s crepes and waffle).

We patiently waited for a freshly fried churro. It was worth every second and calorie.
My absolute favorite item is the churro and this one was crispy on the exterior and perfectly dusted with sugar. They reminded me of Rick Bayless’s churros from Xoco.

There were several elote stands which sold both on the elote on the cob or in a cup. The corn, with hints of cheese and lime was a bit soupy and had a slightly vinegar flavor. Next time I would go for the elote on the cob. The best elote we have sampled in Boston is Ken Oringer’s La Verdad, near Fenway Park and Toro.

We ordered several tacos al pastor, con chorizo and some tamales to go for late night snacking and our day trips.

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