Quekas de la Diez, Playa del Carmen

Open 24 hours, Quekas de la Diez is located at 10th Avenue between Calle 8 and Calle 10. The restaurant is an authentic hole-in-the wall serving fresh hand-made tortillas and mouth-watering quesadillas.

Quekas serves smoothies, tacos, but specializes in quesadillas filled with Oaxaca cheese. What made Quekas even more meaningful to me is the store name the nickname ofa friend from Ecuador.

Store front, menu board and quesadilla fillings

The metal tortilla maker, the grill and the cactus (nopale) being cooked

The chorizo, potato and cheese quesadilla had a nice spicy and salty flavor from the sausage.

The tender pork quesadilla had great flavor and it was clear that the was marinated for quite some time.The nopale y queso (cactus and cheese) open-faced quesadilla was my favorite. The freshly grilled nopale was tender and the cheese made the aloe vera like green taste amazing.

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