Tacochido, Playa del Carmen

Tacochido, Tacochido. I have a theory that food just tastes better after a day at the beach. Maybe its the sun or the saltwater, but I am always hungrier after a day at the beach.

When we stopped at Tacochido, we plopped down into one of the cement booths and ordered several tacos and quesadilla. I can say that the food was just too good to be true. It did taste better than any quesdilla I had ever eaten.
Frida and her unibrow were looking over our table. She loves Tacochido as well and I loved the vibrant colored kitchen area.

The menu offering tacos, quesadillas, tortas and super burro chidos.

Pico, red, green sauce and freshly cut limes

Pastor, bistec and chorizo tacos were loaded on the pico and a squeeze of lime and the Bistec and queso quesadilla. Initially, I thought the plastic wrapped plates were a bit odd, but after reflection it has a sense of practicality.

The damage 61 MXN. Not to shabby. Such an unbelievable value. I will be back.

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