Pho Countryside, Quincy

Pho Countryside used to be the former Pho Yuen Dong. I’m glad this place was renovated October 2011 and has new ownership. The results are very pleasing and hopefully will help drive business. Service is pretty attentive but please note it can be somewhat rocky if the place is very busy. The menu is varied and has many classic Vietnamese dishes such as bo luc lac, goi cuon, bo bay mon and many others. The prices for a decent Vietnamese meal are fair and certainly will not put a hole in your pocket.

Goi cuon – grilled pork fresh summer roll with peanut sauce

These fresh rice paper salad rolls are one of my favorite Vietnamese dishes. I typically get one as an appetizer but if you have the privilege of having a goi cuon party at home, don’t hesitate to have a lot of them for dinner. My favorite version has boiled or grilled shrimp in it but my dining companion that night is allergic so we went with grilled pork. The pork was freshly grilled and you could taste the sweet and savory marinade. Paired with the Hoisin peanut sauce, it’s always a winner for me. If you want to try making them at home, we have a good vegetarian goi cuon recipe on our site that you could easily sub the tofu for grilled pork.

Bo la lot- ground beef wrapped in betel leaves

Basically you take a lettuce leaf, layer on the vermicelli and vegetables along with a few bo la lot, then roll it up and dip it in nuoc mam cham if desired. When you bite into it, you’ll get a wonderfully herbacious, almost lemony taste from the betel leaves and slightly peppery aroma to the beef. The aroma is truly different and it also helps to seal in the beef’s moisture and juices while being grilled.

Bo luc lac- shaken beef with red rice

This is a very popular traditional Vietnamese steak and rice dish. The title for “shaking” beef or “luc lac” comes from the physical shaking of the wok or pan the beef is cooked in. Bo luc lac usually comes with a lime-salt-pepper sauce or a soy-chili sauce. This version came coated in a mild soy-chili sauce. The red rice here is just plain old regular white rice jazzed up with a bit of tomato paste to make it orangy-red colored. It’s a more traditional way to eat bo luc lac.

Bun thit nuong chai gio- vermicelli noodle bowl with grilled pork and spring roll

This is one of the most common and popular Vietnamese dishes around. There’s always many variations in a restaurant because there’s so many ways to serve vermicelli noodles with vegetables. The savory and slightly sweet lemongrass marinaded grilled pork, crunchy spring roll, fresh herbs, cucumbers, pickled carrots and daikon, crushed roasted peanuts, scallion oil and nuoc mam cham drenched vermicelli is always a standby comfort food for me. Somehow it always reminds me of my childhood and eating out with my parents.

Any time we’re going to do a little food shopping at Kam Man, we’ll definitely be visiting Pho Countryside to sample their Vietnamese cuisine, we’ve already got our eyes on the chicken or beef pho and the banh xeo.

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