Forum, Back Bay, Boston Revisited

On our first visit to Forum the bar area was packed with people. Our second visit the bar area had a stead stream of customers, but was not too full. The dining area seemed quite sparse and it doesn’t seem like many people visit Forum for snacks or dinner. We can distinctly recall how busy both the ground floor and upstairs area of Vox once was.

Forum’s design is clean and the bar area is spacious. The back bar area would be perfect for a semi-private birthday party or cocktail hour.

The Suffolk County Smash Eagle rare 10 year old bourbon, blueberry mint purèe, lime, shaken and strained over crushed ice was refreshing.

I enjoyed a Red Square ($10) with hammer & sickle vodka, ginger basil syrup, ginger beer, fresh lime, candied ginger garnish $10. The vodka and ginger beer combination was enhanced by intensified layers of ginger, with ginger basil and candied ginger. It was fantastic.

I will have to try Forum for brunch. They do serve my favorite French sandwich, the croque madame, and chicken and waffles with pickled vegetable and jalapeño maple syrup. Both of these  items are difficult to find in Boston. For desserts, Forum offers carrot cake and “coffee and doughnuts”, a sampler of apple, ginger, cinnamon doughnuts with coffee.

Forum on Urbanspoon

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