Stonewall Kitchen, Portland

In 1991, Stonewall Kitchen was created by founders Jonathan King and Jim Stott and started grassroots selling their luscious homemade jams at farmers market. We first learned about Stonewall Kitchen from their partnership with Ina Garten and her Barefoot Contessa Pantry. The dessert mixes are fantastic, especially the Outrageous Brownie Mix and Lemon Pound Cake and Glaze.

We went to the Portland Company Store to browse the array of Stonewall Kitchen utensils and sample their products. Although we  have yet to try their home kitchen tools, new aiolis flavors, grille sauces, chutneys and gluten-free mixes,  that can be easily remedied over time.

On our list is to visit Stonewall Kitchen’s York headquarters and enjoy a class at the Stonewall Kitchen Cooking School. The Cooking School features a variety of classes, some classes approximately an hour and a half long for $50.

The Lebanese Lunch class (featuring Baklawah) and Italian specialities class (featuring fennel and orange salad and lemon curd with fresh raspberries and pound cake) look fantastic.

After trying to make our own whoopie pies (BMH’s chocolate chip and chocolate whoopie pie), we tried Stonewall Kitchen whoopie pie mixes and we prefer Stonewalls to ours!

Our mother enjoys jams of every variety and she can count on Stonewall Kitchen jams from her daughters.  She especially loves the Wild Maine Blueberry and Red Raspberry jam. We also gave her the roasted garlic mustard to try on our father’s baguette sandwiches.

On our field trip to Portland, we could not help but pick up a few sweet provisions including dipping pretzels and the s’mores cookie (BMH’s s’mores cookie bar and homemade graham crackers).  The s’mores cookie had fluffy, lightly sweetened marshmallow, a nice coating of chocolate and a tasty graham cookie base. We wish we had purchased more. The pretzels were perfect for sampling and snacking on jams.

Since we are huge addicts of flan (BMH’s flan), we had to pick up a dulce de leche for ice cream. Stonewall Kitchen’s dulce de leche has a thin consistency and has a much sweeter flavor then homemade dulce de leche. It would be equally great with a dense chocolate cake (BMH’s flourless chocolate cake) or brownies (BMH’s salted caramel brownies).

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