Mornings in Paris, Portland (Revisited)

I knew I would be returning to the charming cafe Mornings in Paris (BMH first visit to Mornings in Paris) owned by Isabelle Julien. The copperware, gilded gold frames and exposed brick creates a cozy ambiance.

It was lovely to look at the chocolate truffles, pastries and the new addition of colorful rainbow pastal display of gluten-free Parisian macarons (BMH’s macaron obsession). Mornings in Paris has a nice array of twelve flavors including pistachio, rose, dark chocolate, honey-lavender, espresso, salted caramel and cherry flavored macarons.

Mornings in Paris’s Tea collection is quite extensive. I really like the copper espresso machine, tea chest and drawers.

The glass containers filled with candy are feminine and fun to glance at while adding milk and sweetener to tea and coffee.

My friend enjoyed some hand roasted coffee.

I enjoyed a warming cup of chai tea with a splash of soy, but the deep green pistachio macaron was a delight.

The almond meringue was nice and soft, but crisp on the outside. The pistachio wrapped butter cream was luscious and after one, I needed another one.

Mornings in Paris on Urbanspoon

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