Green Elephant, Portland

We have been meaning to go to The Green Elephant several times now. The Green Elephant is a vegetarian’s food haven. There is friendly service, great selection of Asian inspired fare and delightful, kitschy design. I love the community-like atmosphere, chandeliers, local art and light green walls.

I was looking forward to trying  Green Elephant’s fresh rolls to compare them to our mothers Vietnamese Fresh Vegetarian Spring Rolls (Gỏi Cuốn Chay), however they were out of fresh rolls that evening. Our server was very friendly and we noticed staff rallying around to execute many take out orders.

I had a glass of local, seasonal mead ($7). The light sweetness and grape-juice-hued mead was quite festive.
We opted for some vegetable dumplings ($6). They were lightly steamed and filled with flavorful vegetables and came with a light soy and scallion dipping sauce.

I really enjoyed the roti canai ($6), an Indian style pancake with vegetable curry dip. The pancake was much thicker than I am accustomed to (Penang’s version is thin), but had a nice crust and went exceptionally well with the curry dip. I wish I had two more bowls of that flavorful dip.

We truly enjoyed the Stir-fry Asian Vegetable & Tofu with Chinese broccoli, napa cabbage, bok choy, snow pea, and carrot with brown sauce ($9.50). The brown rice went well with the gravy and juices from the freshly stir fried vegetables and lightly crisp tofu. It also came with seitan, which took me some time to get used the texture.

The tofu was nicely crusted and tender on the inside.

At the denouement of our meal, I enjoyed a Vietnamese drip coffee. I purchased several of the coffee drips from the Hanoi marketplace to give to friends as gifts.

I look forward to returning to Green Elephant Vegetarian Bistro to try the fresh rolls, fried vegetarian spring rolls stuffed with vegetables and shitake mushrooms, coconut soup, tofu tikka masala and penang curry.
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