Coastal Maine Popcorn Co., Portland Revisited

After our first visit to the Coastal Maine Popcorn Company, we knew we would be returning very soon. Coastal Maine Popcorn Co serves of quarts and gallons of their uniquely flavored and fresh popcorn.

The rainbow of colors and flavors is impressive, but my favorites are chocolate caramel and sea salt, parmesean garlic, salty sweet (similar to kettle corn) and Maine maple.

Coastal Popcorn offers sweet and savory flavor combinations in four sizes. They also offer samples (two per person). I was tempted to try the Wasabi Soy and Toasted Coconut, but wanted to retry my standards.

I tried the buffalo and parmesean garlic and both were fantastic.

I could not help myself and purchased a large bag of the Buffalo XX. Regular Buffalo was not enough.

The tang and kick of heat is truly special and unlike any other popcorn I have tried. I can not wait for my next samples and popcorn purchases.

Coastal Maine Popcorn Co on Urbanspoon

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