Old Port Candy, Portland

Old Port Candy Co. is a fantastic haven for nostalgia candy, chocolate covered everything and Maine sweets. The chocolate covered oreos, pretzels, truffles and bark were so tempting. Next time, we are going to try their award-winning fudge and sample the sea salt caramel, maple walnut, fluffer nutter and birthday cake batter fudge.

I love chocolate covered peeps  any season, so I stock up post Easter. Our mother loves Maple candy, so anytime we are in Maine, Vermont or New Hampshire, we are on the lookout.

Do you remember Sixlets? They were round M&M like chocolate candies coated in a thicker candy coating. Love them.

What we had to purchase and try was the chocolate-dipped bacon for $1.99 each slice.

The salty sweet bacon was covered in a thick layer of chocolate and dusted with bits of sea salt. The flavor was unique and fun to try.

Old Port Candy Co. on Urbanspoon

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