Standard Baking Co., Portland

We stopped by The Standard Baking Co. for some pastries for later. Immediately upon entrance, the smell of fresh bread and cookies wafted throughout the air.

Boules, french bread baguettes and rolls

Cookies, tarts and scones

Standard Baking Co. had both lemon and pear frangipane tarts and I chose the latter. It was one of the best tarts I have had in a while. The flavor of the soft pear and luxurious almond scented frangipane was a lovely combination. The sweet buttery crust was so addictive.

The chocolate cake was dense, fudgey and dusted with a thick layer of the highest quality cocoa. This was a must get and so satisfying.

The vanilla madeleine was lovely. There were flecks of vanilla bean and intense vanilla flavor throughout the French sponge cookie cake.

I will have to make Standard Baking a ritual every time in Portland because each item I tried was high quality, well crafted and memorable.

Standard Baking Co on Urbanspoon

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